Cuttings Bed Mobilizer

Whether on land or offshore, the advancement of technology and the ability to drill well at a higher rate of penetration can create issues. Our patented Cuttings Bed Mobilizers are designed to combat the problem of cuttings and debris lying on the low side of the well bore. CBM's can be positioned throughout the entire horizontal, or high angle sections of the well bore to ensure minimal cuttings and debris remains downhole and reduces risk of intermittent hole cleaning.

With adequate cuttings removal, operators can expect the following:

  • More weight transfer to the bit as tool joints aren't forced to push debris when slide drilling.
  • Higher average ROP and lower rotary torque.
  • Increased tripping speeds and reduced overpull on trips.
  • Reduced risk of stuck pipe or packing off.

Cuttings Bed Mobilizer unique features that enhance hole cleaning:

  • Short overall length results in easy rig floor handling.
  • Cuttings Impeller picks up debris off the bottom of the hole into higher velocity fluid area.
  • Flow Accelerator provides increased turbulence and higher fluid velocities to remove debris.
  • Four Cuttings Blades ensure concentric motion to assist in proper hole cleaning.
  • Clusterite is applied on the leading edges of all blades to enhance hole cleaning.

At Arrival Energy Solutions, we believe that unique technologies like our Cuttings Bed Mobilizers can positively affect the overall time required to drill a wellbore and reduce risk of non-productive time, making the drilling process significantly easier.