ESM Logger

Overview, Features & Benefits

Shock and vibration is increasingly acknowledged to be the source of unnecessary expense when drilling a well. The ESM (Environmental Severity Measurement) Logger is designed to put reliable shock and vibration data in the hands of drilling experts so that they can use this vital information to effectively implement procedures and practices which will control these expenses. Shock and vibration analysis will aid in providing a better understanding of drilling dynamics.

  • Measures and records data using 3 accelerometers in each of 3 axes; X, Y, and Z.
  • Downhole RPM and Temperature
  • Data is recorded to memory for post-well analysis and is easily exported to any analysis software.
  • Rugged and compact design allows the ESM Logger to be installed anywhere in the drill string or BHA.
  • Multiple ESM Loggers can be run at the same time.
  • Correlate shock and vibration characteristics to drilling parameters such as drilling performance or downhole failures.