diMotor - Mud Lubricated Drilling Motor

Overview, Features & Benefits

Arrival’s diMotor is a mud-lubricated drilling motor incorporating high-capacity Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) thrust-bearings and robust carbide-tile radial bearings. The motor is designed for easy service while maintaining high load bearing capacity. The diMotor can be utilized with any bottom-hole assembly and stands out on high-torque and high weight-on-bit applications. The diMotor PDC thrust bearings provide extremely long wear life due to the low coefficient of friction and high wear properties of the diamond inserts. There is a considerable increase in wear life when compared to conventional bearing backs incorporating angular contact bearings.

The drive assembly incorporates a newly designed universal joint to provide increased strength and performance. An adjustable bend assembly or fixed housing are available to provide the driller with whatever offset angle is desired. The diMotor is available in all sizes from 5” up to 9-5/8”. Any Positive Displacement Power Section can be utilized with the diMotor.

  • State-of-the-art PDC diamond thrust bearings.
  • Proprietary Double-Shouldered connection provides increased torque capability of internal drive components.
  • Short bit-to-bend due to compact nature of diamond thrust bearings.
  • Wide range of torques and weight-on-bit capacity.
  • Operates in any drilling environment with any power section.
  • Adjustable and fixed housing configurations available.
  • Shaft-saver and rotor catch devices provide enhanced peace-of-mind.