Anvil - Hydromechanical Drilling Jar

Overview, Features & Benefits

The Anvil Drilling Jar is installed in any drill string to provide means to unstick a drill string should it become wedged into the formation. The increased stroke length of the Anvil provides operators with a larger impact than other available jars. The bi-directional jar action gives the operator the ability to fire the jar in the uphole or downhole directions. Accidental firing of the jar is prevented by a mechanical latch that holds the internal mandrel in place during tripping and drilling operations.

  • Simple operation with hydraulic delay upstroke and mechanical downstroke.
  • Internal Lee Visco Jet metering valve provides reliable and repeatable hydraulic delay that is temperature independent providing consistent timing even during repeated firing.
  • Large through bore for high flow rates and MWD sonde retrieval.
  • Can be used in directional, horizontal and extended reach wells.
  • Robust internal mechanical latch prevents accidental firing.
  • One of the longest strokes available in the industry allows the operator to deliver massive jar impacts to unstick the pipe preventing costly loss of time or equipment.