SR | Stabilizers

Cougar Drilling Solutions’ stabilizers reduce lateral vibration, limit unintended deviation and allow maximum steerability. They are proven performers in even the most challenging wells and abrasive environments. Each stabilizer is designed and precision machined. Heat treated, stress relieved steel is used which is tested by independent metallurgical laboratories to verify its highest quality.

Cougar Stabilizers

  • Spiral Blade
    Primarily used for low deviation well profiles. Spiral blades provide maximum cuttings movement and keep the wellbore in gauge.

  • Straight Blade
    Built for highly deviated and lateral well applications. They ensure maximum steerability and toolface control.

  • Bit-Bull Near Bit
    First defense against under gauge hole. They’re designed to show a torque increase at surface when the bit goes under gauge, which alerts the driller to trip out and run a new bit. The tool can also function as a near bit reamer, keeping your wellbore smooth and conditioned to reduce tortuosity.