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Wellsite Direct makes e-commerce possible for oilfield manufacturers and service companies, connecting you with new customers and the tools necessary to do business on a global scale. 



Why sell on Wellsite Direct?

E&P procurement is going digital

The days of chasing drilling rigs will soon come to an end. Operators will be able to request the tools and services they're looking for, and suppliers can post their complete suite of products and services online, extending their offerings to operators immediately and consistently.


Lower your operating cost

A new way to streamline your sales operations is literally at your fingertips. Now, you can get access to customers previously beyond your reach, while perfectly matching your costs structure to opportunities and eliminating the risk and cost of adding full-time sales staff.


Powerful tools and platform

Thoughtfully designed tools and technology ecosystem make it easy to begin selling online and crush your sales quotas.




How It Works

Showcase your products and services

Your Wellsite Direct profile is a customizable digital sell sheet that highlights key products and services, brand, and company details all in a single place.


Get discovered

E&P companies use Wellsite Direct to discover new products and manage their inbound submissions. Your products are placed in front of relevant buyers in your category.


Connect and do business

Buyers connect with you directly on Wellsite Direct to start conversations, request price quotes, and discuss next steps.




$199/mo (12-month commitment required)

Plan features:

Unlimited product listings

Track and manage quote requests

Customer engagement analytics

AI-based product recommendations



Ready to get started?

Our experts are available to provide help with creating your new account. Plus, we can assist with loading your products and services at no extra cost.

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