Wellsite Direct

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We reimagine the way oilfield products and services are sold

Wellsite Direct is the industry's first hybrid e-commerce platform that seamlessly blends the convenience of online transactions with the personalized touch of traditional direct sales.

About us

Discover a new dimension of e-commerce with Wellsite Direct. Where technology meets tradition, and connections are made beyond the screen. Welcome to a platform that understands the oil and gas industry, values your time, and prioritizes your success.

Effortless Online Transactions

Discover and procure many products easily through our intuitive online platform. Enjoy the convenience of streamlined transactions, real-time inventory updates, and cutting-edge analytics at your fingertips. Navigate a user-friendly interface designed for efficiency and simplicity.

Personalized Direct Sales

Experience the power of human connection with our network of independent direct sales representatives. These seasoned oilfield sales professionals bring a personalized touch to your purchasing journey, offering tailored solutions, product insights, and a level of service beyond the virtual realm. Build lasting relationships with experts who understand the oil and gas industry and your unique needs.

Comprehensive Product Portfolio

Explore a curated selection of innovative and emerging oilfield products for your industry. From cutting-edge technology to tried-and-true solutions, our platform brings together a comprehensive portfolio that caters to the diverse requirements of your business.

Supplier Empowerment

We're not just a platform but a partner in your growth. Suppliers benefit from a suite of digital tools, insights, and services that empower them to manage and expand their businesses. Leverage data analytics, inventory management, and strategic insights to optimize operations and make informed decisions.

Hybrid Synergy

Our hybrid model combines the best of both worlds — the efficiency of online transactions and the relationship-building strength of direct sales. This synergy ensures a seamless, personalized experience that adapts to your preferences and business dynamics.

Who's driving Wellsite Direct

We’re building a culture within Wellsite Direct that emphasizes doing the right thing, period. Find out more about the team that’s leading the way.

Ken Hartman, Founder & CEO

Ken Hartman

Founder & CEO

Chris Ely, Co-Founder & COO

Chris Ely

Co-Founder & COO

Guille Arango, Board member

Guille Arango

Board member

Rob Porchey, Board member

Rob Porchey

Board member